# Medical transport by plane

Air ambulance: Athens to Bern

During the transport of a patient by plane, a number of steps are taken to ensure the patient's health and a carefree journey. Below you can read an example of journey and steps that are taken.

Step-by-Step Medical Escort Service:

Step 1: Initial Assessment and Coordination

Referral: The patient’s local cardiologist in Athens refers them to a specialized heart center in Bern for a crucial heart surgery that cannot be performed locally.

Medical Evaluation: The patient’s medical records, test results, and relevant information are shared with the heart center in Bern for evaluation. A team of cardiologists and surgeons reviews the case to determine the suitability of the patient for air ambulance transfer.

Air Ambulance Coordination: Once the heart center in Bern confirms the patient’s eligibility for transfer, they initiate contact with a specialized air ambulance service that can handle long-distance medical transfers.

Step 2: Preparations for Transfer

Medical Stabilization: The patient’s local medical team in Athens ensures that the patient is medically stable for air travel. They might administer necessary medications, stabilize the patient’s condition, and provide pre-flight care.

Logistics Planning: The air ambulance service plans the logistics of the transfer, including arranging the medical crew, equipment, and necessary clearances for the flight.

Medical Team: A team of medical professionals, including specialized doctors, nurses, and paramedics, is selected based on the patient’s medical needs for the journey.

Step 3: Departure from Athens

Medical Equipment Setup: The air ambulance team sets up the necessary medical equipment inside the aircraft, including monitoring devices, ventilators, and emergency medication.

Patient Transfer: The patient is carefully transferred from the hospital in Athens to the waiting air ambulance. This transfer is done with the utmost care to ensure the patient’s safety and stability.

Pre-Flight Briefing: The medical team provides the patient and any accompanying family members with a pre-flight briefing, explaining safety procedures, comfort measures, and what to expect during the flight.

Step 4: In-Flight Care

Continuous Monitoring: Throughout the flight, the medical team closely monitors the patient’s vital signs, oxygen levels, and overall condition. Any necessary medical interventions are carried out during the flight.

Medical Assistance: The patient’s medical needs are attended to by the medical team as required. This may include administering medications, adjusting ventilator settings, and providing comfort measures.

Step 5: Arrival in Bern

Landing and Ground Transfer: Upon arrival in Bern, the air ambulance lands at a designated medical aviation facility. The patient is carefully transferred to a waiting ground ambulance that will take them to the heart center.

Admission and Surgery Preparation: The patient is admitted to the heart center in Bern, and the medical team there takes over the patient’s care. Additional tests and evaluations are conducted to prepare for the heart surgery.

Heart Surgery: The patient undergoes the necessary heart surgery, which was the primary reason for their transfer. The surgical team performs the procedure according to the treatment plan.

Step 6: Recovery and Follow-up

Post-Surgery Care: The patient receives post-surgery care and monitoring in the heart center’s intensive care unit. The medical team ensures a smooth recovery and manages any post-operative complications.

Follow-up Treatment: Depending on the surgery’s outcome and the patient’s condition, they may require a period of rehabilitation, medication, and follow-up appointments with cardiologists and other specialists.

The patient’s journey from Athens to Bern for heart surgery via air ambulance involves a coordinated effort between medical teams, transportation services, and healthcare facilities to ensure the patient’s safety and successful treatment. Keep in mind that the specifics of such a journey can vary based on the patient’s medical condition, the available resources, and the policies of the involved institutions.

# Medical transport by plane

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