# Medical transport by van

Ground Ambulance Service: Prag to Berlin

During the transport of a patient by medical transport van, a number of steps are taken to ensure the patient's health and a carefree journey. Below you can read an example of journey and steps that are taken.

Step 1: Evaluation and Preparations

Referral: The patient’s local hepatologist in Prague refers them to a specialized transplant center in Berlin for a liver transplantation. The patient’s medical history and current condition are shared with the transplant center.

Medical Evaluation: The transplant center in Berlin reviews the patient’s medical records and conducts a comprehensive evaluation to assess their eligibility for a liver transplant.

Organ Allocation: Once the patient is approved for transplantation, they are placed on the organ transplant waiting list. The transplant center coordinates with the appropriate organ allocation authorities to prioritize the patient based on medical urgency and compatibility.

Step 2: Organ Availability and Transport Coordination

Organ Match: When a suitable liver becomes available for transplantation, the transplant center in Berlin receives notification from the organ procurement organization (OPO). The organ’s compatibility with the patient is confirmed.

Transport Coordination: The transplant center’s medical team coordinates with a specialized medical ground ambulance service that is equipped to handle organ transport and critical patient transfer.

Step 3: Preparations for Transfer

Medical Stabilization: The patient’s medical team in Prague ensures that the patient is stable for transfer. Any necessary medical interventions are performed, and the patient’s condition is optimized for the journey.

Organ Retrieval: The liver is surgically retrieved from the donor and carefully preserved for transport. The transplant team ensures that the organ is appropriately packaged and maintained for optimal viability during transport.

Ground Ambulance Setup: The medical team prepares the ground ambulance with the necessary medical equipment, including monitoring devices, life-support systems, and medications required for the patient’s condition.

Step 4: Transfer from Prague to Berlin

Patient Transfer: The patient is transferred from the hospital in Prague to the waiting ground ambulance. The medical team ensures a smooth and stable transition, with continuous monitoring of the patient’s vital signs.

Organ Transport: Simultaneously, the retrieved liver is transported under controlled conditions in a specially designed container that maintains its viability.

Medical Care En Route: The medical team in the ground ambulance provides continuous medical care to the patient during the journey. This includes administering medications, monitoring vital signs, and addressing any medical needs that arise.

Step 5: Arrival in Berlin

Arrival at the Transplant Center: Upon arrival in Berlin, the ground ambulance reaches the transplant center where the liver transplantation is scheduled to take place.

Surgical Preparation: The patient is admitted to the transplant center’s pre-operative area. The medical team conducts final assessments, prepares the patient for surgery, and ensures that the liver is ready for transplantation.

Step 6: Liver Transplantation and Recovery

Transplant Surgery: The patient undergoes the liver transplantation surgery as scheduled. The transplant surgical team replaces the patient’s damaged liver with the donor liver.

Post-Transplant Care: After the surgery, the patient is transferred to the transplant center’s intensive care unit for close monitoring. The medical team manages pain, monitors the patient’s recovery, and ensures the new liver’s proper function.

Recovery and Rehabilitation: Following successful transplantation, the patient undergoes a period of recovery and rehabilitation under the supervision of the transplant center’s medical team. This includes medication management, physical therapy, and regular follow-up appointments.

# Medical transport by van

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